Diving is a summer water sport and outdoor activity of exploring underwater with special equipment. The name comes from the words " to dive" and "moving".

For diving, you need scuba gear, a mask, flippers, and a wetsuit. You can dive to different depths, but on average, according to the rules of most associations, the maximum diving depth is 40 m. With special air mixtures, you can go even deeper — up to 300 m. Simple dives are available even for beginners. You can try diving on vacation or go on a diving tour. They can be divided into daily diving and diving safaris. The first is dives close to the shore with a return back on the same day. A dive safari is a sea cruise for several days with two to four dives per day. You can also dive in major cities: in a regular training pool or in a real oceanarium, as an unusual excursion.

The richer the region's marine life and the warmer the water, the more common diving there. The best regions are the countries of Southeast Asia, especially the Maldives, Indonesia, Thailand, and the Philippines. From European countries, the most impressive diving is developed in Malta, and from African countries — in South Africa.

Diving is mainly a summer sport when the water is warm, but you can do diving in the off-season. Extreme diving in winter in cold water is also developed — for example, in Norway, Australia, Russia. For such dives, special dry suits are used.

The main pleasure of diving is the opportunity to observe the underwater world during a sporting activity beneficial to health. You don't need any special training to try diving. You don't even have to be a good swimmer — buoyancy compensators in your wetsuit will help you keep your body in the right position. The first dives must be done with a certified instructor. Then you can take a training course on the international PADI or CMAS system, pass the exam and receive an international certificate of the first category, which gives you the right to dive anywhere in the world to a depth of 18 m. After that, you will not need an instructor — you can dive with a partner.


Text: Natalia Kirasheva. Ivan Kuznetsov contributed to this guide

Cover photo: Jesse Van Vliet / Unsplash

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