The list of useful, but less known features. Mostly free

The list of useful, but less known features. Mostly free


There are more than 80 different features in free and pro. Some you use several times a day — for example, a Wind Map or Weather Profile, and some, perhaps, you do not even know about. In this article we have collected 10 useful, but less known app's features. Mostly free. Let's take an iOS as an example.

Free Features

Weather Widget

Weather Widget allows you to turn the nearest spot to you and all of your favorite spots to widgets with useful information.

To do so go to Settings, then Units:


Then choose what you would like to see on the main scree: wind speed, temperature or atmospheric pressure, in Weather Widget (for the nearest spot) and Favorite spots.



To configure or disable widgets, tap on the "Settings" icon in the right top cornet. Select another spot or use the nearest spot to you back again.

Types of Spots

There are several types of spots that are easy to identify from the icons on the map or in the search:

  • kitesurfing,
  • surfing,
  • sailing (marina),
  • fishing,
  • ski resort,
  • and general spot.


You can also find a spot by an icons in the "Found spots" list:



There are also sights of weather stations with weather forecast from it.

Weather Stations

Weather stations show real-time weather on spots. Our app is connected to thousands of weather stations all around the world.

To check the actual wind speed on a given spot, open search, pick “Weather stations” and enter your location.

Create, Rename and Delete Your Own Spot

Easily create your own new spot. Select a location on the map and tap on it (a short tap is enough). A window will pop up; press “+”. Enter the name of the new spot.


Important: users cannot rename spots on their own. However, if you need to rename a spot, please write to us at [email protected] The same goes for deleting a spot.

Pin a Spot

If you have many favorite spots, pin any of it to the top of the list. To do so, just press the spot little bit, but don't open it. To unpin the spot, do the same.

Weather Forecast for 1 h and 3 h

In the app easily change between 1 h and 3 h weather forecasts. To do so just tap on it:


Share Forecast

Share a forecast with friends. Press the “Share” button. It will appear in the place of the star after you add it as a favorite spot. Or press three vertical dots right to it.



Pro features

Offline Mode

See the forecast on the map and favorite spots even with no internet connection — just activate the offline mode. Do the same from the spot page. Before going to the sea (or elsewhere with no connection), open the app to download the forecasts automatically, and then use them offline.


Wind Alerts

To make sure you don’t miss the best wind on a spot, set up wind alerts. Open the spot and press “Wind Alerts”:



Select the wind speed and direction, the period for the wind to stay, and the warning interval. Now you’ll never miss the best experience.

Weather Archive

The forecast archive stores previous years’ forecasts for the spot, starting from 2012. Compare forecasts for different seasons and pick one that suits you most.


Download weather widgets in Widgets.


Text: team

Cover photo: Ludomił Sawicki / Unsplash

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