3 questions for Abel Lago, kitesurfing world champion

3 questions for Abel Lago, kitesurfing world champion

Abel Lago has been in kitesurfing since 1996. Now he has his own watersport school and is involved in RnD for kitesurfing equipment companies.

Some of Abel Lago's achievements:

• 1st place in 2007 KPWT World Ranking (Waves World Champion) 

• 1st place in 2012 Spain Kitesurf Championship Lanzarote 

• 1st place in Spanish Championship (Spanish Waves Champion)


We caught him to ask only 3 questions:

For how many years did you have to train to be able to say: “I am a cool kitesurfer now”?

In my case this was very fast because after 3 months of kiting I won the Spanish championship. This happened because at that time I was a professional windsurfer.

How often do you kitesurf now?

I try to be on the water minimum 4 days a week and maximum 6 days a week because it’s also very important to recover after so much action. But I mix kitesurfing with surf, foil surf, windsurf and wing foil so I can be on the water almost every day.

What is the main thing for you in kitesurfing?

In the beginning, it was freedom, speed, and high jumps. Now priorities are different. I work inside the industry as chief of R&D for RRD. I still kitesurf for fun but also for work. Anyway, I still move to do my best and enjoy every minute of water.

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