3 questions for Alice Ruggiu, Italian kitesurfing Champion

3 questions for Alice Ruggiu, Italian kitesurfing Champion

Alice Ruggiu is a 17-year old PRO-rider form Italy. This year she won first place in the TTR Italian Championship. In 2018 she came fifth in the TTR World championship. Her Big Air record is 14 m.

We talked with a young kitesurfer Alice.


What is your favorite spot?

It is Crotone. There is always a lot of wind. I get to train every day with good weather conditions.

When did you start kitesurfing?

I started kiting when I was fourteen, three years ago. It makes me feel free and gives me a sense of peace I couldn't find anywhere else.

What trick was especially difficult for you to perform?

The triple front-roll board-off was the most difficult trick. I worked hard to land it. In the future, I would like to learn very high kiteloops. 

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