Tip: How to make biking and hiking route with weather in Windy.app

Tip: How to make biking and hiking route with weather in Windy.app

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Among 100+ Windy.app features, there are always one or two, or even three small ones that you didn't know about, right? Even if you're a true weather and outdoor expert using the app. Meanwhile, these may be small, but important features.

For example, you can make biking and hiking routes with weather at each point on it. Why to check weather on routes? You can avoid unpleasant weather conditions such as high UV Index, heavy rain or a strong wind along the way or, conversely, better prepare for them if you can not change or cancel the trip, such as in the case of long bicycle trips and backpacking hikes.

Here's exactly how you can do it. At the moment, the feature is in beta-testing only for the Android starting from the 4.0.2 version of July 12, 2021.


1. Open the Wind Map on the application's home screen.

2. To enable/disable Route Mode, tap on the icon with the route image. When route mode is on, only those icons with functions that are important for this mode are displayed on the map. To exit route mode, tap the icon again.

Biking and hiking Routes With Weather feature in the Windy.app for Android

3. Select the routing layer by ground or sea.

  • Ground Mode — to build a route on a bicycle and for hiking trails. For hiking, set up the speed for a minimum of 5 km per hour.
  • Sea Mode — to build a route on the water. In this mode, the weather bars are more detailed and the wind layer is displayed on the map to build a safe route.

4. To create a route, tap on the map — a point will appear, tap elsewhere on the map — a second point will appear. The number on the line between the points shows the distance between them. You can also move the route line.

On the bar near the point you can see:

Click on the bar and you will go to the detailed forecast.

You can also see the date and time of arrival to the point (if you are using the Ground Mode).

5. Set the departure time on the Ground Mode. The timeline shows the current hour of departure automatically, but you can choose any time when you plan a route. 

Depending on the set time, the bars will display the weather at this time and the approximate time of arrival, taking into account the time of departure and the set speed of movement.

6. Change the movement speed on the Ground Mode. You can set an average speed of 5 to 80 km per hour (3.1 to 49.7 miles per hour).

The speed for cyclists is automatically set. In general, 20–30 km per hour is a fast speed for riding a bike on flat terrain.

If you are planning a walking route, change the walking speed to 5 km per hour. The app will understand this and update the forecast depending on the speed to give your an accurate weather forecast along the way and at the points of your departure and arrival.

The set speed determines the time of arrival to the point — this time is displayed in the bar above the point.

7. Delete all waypoints by clicking on the red cross icon. To delete just one point on the map, click on that point and select the option "Delete" in the tab that has appeared.

Have a great trip and favorable weather!


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Text: Windy.app team

Cover photo: Ophelie-authier / Unsplash

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