Climate models predicted dramatically warmer future

Climate models predicted dramatically warmer future


Climate may change faster than expected, Bloomberg reports. Independently of each other, all climate models have started predicting a “horrible future”, a much warmer future.

Earlier, all models predicted that with the two-time increase of the CO2 level the global temperature will increase by 3 degrees. Last year, most of them calculated that the global temperature would increase by 3.85 degrees. Some of them, the most advanced ones, even predicted the 5-degrees increase. As the two-time CO2 level increase is expected in 2100, that means that the Earth will face this 4-5-degrees temperature rise in 100 years.

It is not clear why estimates have changed (probably, due to the upgraded cloud formation algorithm of the models but that may not be the only explanation). So, further research is necessary.

If the new models are right, humanity has less time to try to affect the global warming. Experts hope they are mistaken, however, they acknowledge that the world is experiencing its warmest period on record. This January, for example, was called the hottest month in 140 years (and it was not not an El Nino month, which are usually warmer). Antarctic had a record of its own that month too — it was 20 degrees Celsius there. Wildfires in Australia were also unprecedented and unexpected (scientists say that such catastrophe was not going to happen according to previous calculations).


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