Coronavirus: first cases in infants confirmed

Coronavirus: first cases in infants confirmed

The new coronavirus spreading around the world mostly infects elderly people. However, as USA Today reports, two infants have been infected. One of the children is just 30 hours old. Babies’ mothers were also tested for the virus and appeared to be infected.

Scientists are very interested in this fact because they still do not know if the virus can be transmitted “vertically” (from a mother to a child). If infants can be infected in the womb, then there will be need for new protective measures and new response strategies (children’s lungs and immune system are not developed, so more complications from the disease are possible).

The new cases are being investigated. It is also possible that the babies got ill after birth because they were very close to their sick mothers.

The new virus have already killed more than 564 people (most of the victims were old and had coronary problems). About 28,256 people have been infected (most of them are from China). The fatality rate is said to be 2%. According to CNN, the outbreak does not show any signs of slowing.

Open coronavirus spread live map.

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