Coronavirus: first day without deaths in China

Coronavirus: first day without deaths in China

China has reported the first day with no deaths from the novel coronavirus since the beginning of the outbreak. Earlier, the country announced that there were no more new local cases there.

Currently, the National Health Commission register about 30-40 patients a day, all of them are foreign travellers or Chinese nationals who got sick in other countries.

The Chinese government is concerned about a second wave of infections that is why the border to foreigners including those with visas or residence permits has been already shut.

At the same time, tomorrow, the country will let people from Wuhan travel to other cities — that has been strictly forbidden for the last two months. Wuhan is the place where the novel coronavirus was detected last year.

COVID-19 has already killed about 78,917 people and sickened 1,383,436 people worldwide. The data, however, does include only the registered cases of the disease — people who have no symptoms or very mild symptoms are rarely tested, despite the fact that the new virus can cause no health change in some people.

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