Coronavirus: half of infected people recovered

Coronavirus: half of infected people recovered

The novel coronavirus spreading around the world has already killed over 2780 people and sickened over 87,000 people. However, there are also good news. Almost half of the infected people have already recovered. As of today, March 1, it is known about over 41,000 recovery cases.

China is still the center of the COVID-19 outbreak, although the number of cases in other countries is increasing. Italy has reported about 1,100 infected people, South Korea has registered 3,500 cases of the disease, Iran has declared 500 cases (at the same time, the number of deaths in Iran is larger than in other countries, possibly, due to the poorly developed healthcare system).

Other countries affected by the coronavirus are the United States, the Great Britain, Japan, Australia, Canada, Germany, Greece.

The WHO says the virus has pandemic potential. But It is still debatable if the situation with the outbreak could be called pandemic at this stage.

Open coronavirus spread live map.

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