Coronavirus outbreak in China mostly contained

Coronavirus outbreak in China mostly contained

The novel coronavirus cases in China have dropped to less than 3,000 and local transmission of the new infection have been basically contained, South China Morning Post reports. More than 90% of local patients have recovered.

The outbreak may soon be over there. However, the country is afraid that the virus may invade China again — with help of foreigners. That is why foreign tourists have been barred from entering the country.

“We will continue to prevent the risk of a secondary spread caused by sporadic domestic cases and imported cases, with timely detection, precise prevention and control,” says Mi Feng, a spokesman for the National Health Commission.

The reason why the country could slowdown the spread is the quarantine that did not let people to move around the infected areas and contact with each other.

The outbreak of the novel coronavirus began in China last December. Since then, more than 81,000 have been infected and 3,300 people have died there. In February, COVID-19 spread to other regions and now almost all countries have been affected. The centers of the pandemic now are the United States, Italy, Spain, Germany, Iran and France. Over 685,462 have fallen ill and over 32,184 have died.

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