Coronavirus spread to 73 countries

Coronavirus spread to 73 countries

The novel coronavirus called COVID-19 has spread to 73 countries and can now be registered on every continent excluding Antarctica. About 90,000 people have fallen ill and about 3,115 people have died. The virus is now spreading slower in China (the country where it all started last December) and faster in other regions. About 80,000 cases have been confirmed in China.

As the head of the World Health Organization said in his Twitter, the world is “in unchartered territory with COVID-19”. The organization is not classifying the situation as global pandemic yet, however, it may be done in the future.

The most affected areas are still Iran (having the largest mortality rate), South Korea (having the largest number of cases — 4,800 to the moment), Italy. Many other countries are affected as well but the number of cases is insignificant there.

It is also important to mention that not all cases of the infection can be registered. Some people can be asymptomatic and never go to the doctor and some healthcare systems can be not developed and organized enough to test all the people promptly and properly.

Despite the fact that more than a half of all infected people have recovered and many people have no complications from the disease, the virus has already affected global economy and influenced the political situation in the world. Companies have lost millions of dollars due to stock market fluctuations and inability to work in China effectively, people are afraid of travelling and governments need to spend a lot of money on quarantine measures and treatment of people, etc.

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