Coronavirus took more than 1,000 lives

Coronavirus took more than 1,000 lives

Coronavirus has taken more than 1,010 lives. About 100 people died on Monday, February 10. Most of the victims lived in Hubei (the province where the new type of virus was first confirmed last December). Only two deaths have been confirmed outside China.

The number of infected people is astonishing — 42,638 people have fallen ill. At the same time, as the National Health Commission reports, more than 4,000 people have already recovered from the decease.

The WHO team has arrived to China in order to help locals to deal with the outbreak. Chinese officials are said not to manage the situation well — for example, the party secretary for the Hubei Health Commission and the head of the commission lost their jobs yesterday, after the 1000th death had been confirmed.

Despite the frightening news, some experts say that the situation will improve in the nearest future. According to Zhong Nanshan, a leading epidemiologist who helped tackle the SARS epidemic in 2003, the spread will have its peak in February and then it will slowly start to ease.

Open coronavirus spread live map.

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