December 16-21, Weather forecast for European ski resorts

December 16-21, Weather forecast for European ski resorts


Here is the second episode of our forecast series in which we take several European ski resorts and tell you what the weather will be like there the following week. Let’s go!

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Courchevel, France

And we are starting with something positive. It will be 4 degrees above zero on Monday in Courchevel, then the temperatures will be slowly declining and will be -1 degrees Celsius on Saturday (2.4 km). Snow and rain are expected on Tuesday and Wednesday, then it will snow on Friday and Saturday. Wind is said to be the strongest on Monday, Tuesday and Friday (up to 7 m/s).

Zermatt, Switzerland

Stability at its best is expected in Zermatt this week. Thermometers will display -6 degrees Celcius every day at the height of 3.9 km, snow will fall every day as well. As for wind: there will be no windless days. The strongest wind is expected on Monday, Tuesday (up to 6 m/s) and Friday (up to 7 m/s).

Alpe D’Huez, France

The week will start with -3 degrees and will end with -9 degrees at the height of 3.3 km. The first days of the week will have no snowfalls, although rain is expected on Tuesday and Wednesday. Mixed precipitation is “ scheduled” for Friday and it is going to snow on Saturday. Wind will not be gusty (up to 5 m/s on Friday).

Chamonix Mont-Blanc

The minimum temperature of the week is expected to be -2° C in Chamonix (2.5 km), the maximum temperature will be 1° C (2.5 km). The second half of the week is said to be colder. Snow is expected on Tuesday (up to 0.4 mm) and on Saturday (up to 4.5 mm). On Monday, Tuesday and Friday skiers and snowboarders should expect wind gusting up to 7 m/s), the other days wind is expected to be less strong (up to 4 m/s).

Verbier, Switzerland

Verbier will welcome visitors with gusty wind (up to 11 m/s). The windiest days are Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. It will snow on Tuesday (max. 1.3 mm), Wednesday (max. 0.6 mm), Friday (max. 0.9 mm), Saturday (max. 3.4 mm). The week will start with -3 degrees below zero (3.3 km) and will end with -6 degrees.

Kitzbühel, Austria

The week in Kitzbühel will starts with sunny afternoon on Monday (sunny weather will happen again on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday) and warm temperatures (at the height of 800 m it will be 11° ...15°C). These conditions will be accompanied by gentle wind (gusts 2-3 m/s) and zero precipitation.

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Livigno Ski Resort, Italy

The temperatures are going to be the same the whole week in Livigno — 2° C (at the height of 2.8 km) and 4°C (at the height of 1.8 km). The week will start with strong wind with gusts up to 6 m/s, after furious Monday and Friday it will calm down to 2-4 m/s and then revenge on Friday (7 m/s). The largest amount of snow is expected to fall on Wednesday and early Saturday.

Val Thorens, France

The week in Val Thorens will starts with 1° C at the height of 2.8 km and will end with -2° C there. At the height of 1.4 km it will be rather warm and comfy — 6° ... 9° C. At the same time wind will be gusty (up to 9 m/s) in the beginning of the week, then it will calm down a bit and will speed up again on Friday. Meteorologists expect non-significant mixed precipitation with maximum amount of snow to fall on Saturday (5.2 mm).

Cortina D’Ampezzo (Cortina), Italy

No snowfalls are expected this week in Cortina but it will rain much. The maximum amount of precipitation is said to fall on Thursday, on Friday and on Saturday. The temperatures at the height of 2.9 km are going to vary from -3 degrees to -6 degrees Celsius. Wind will blow quite gently (gusts are not going to exceed the speed of 3 m/s).

St. Moritz, Switzerland

The weather in St. Moritz is going to be stable. The temperatures at the the height of 2.5 km will be fluctuating around 0° C. It will be expectedly warmer at the height of 1.7 km — about 4° C. The strongest wind is expected from Monday till Tuesday (gusts up to 7 m/s), then it will be less intense (gusts up to 4 m/s) with some boost on Friday when its speed will increase again (gusts up to 7 m/s). As for snow, the maximum amount of it is said to fall on Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday.

!When we observe a long period of time, some changes in forecasts are possible if the atmospheric conditions changes. Please, recheck with your weather app the day you are going to have fun outside.

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