December 24-29, Weather forecast for European Ski resorts

December 24-29, Weather forecast for European Ski resorts


If you are going to spend your winter holidays on European resorts, you’ll definitely have to read this. In our short reviews we inform our readers about weather conditions on some of the most popular ski destinations. (And we do this weekly, so do not forget to come back when you need this kind of information again.)

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Courchevel, France

Do not expect snowfalls in Courchevel this week. As meteorologists say, it will snow only on Tuesday. It will be partly cloudy or even sunny the other days of the week. Do not expect frosty and windy weather as well: the week will start with -1° C at the height of 2.4 km and will end with 9° C there; gusts will not exceed 3 m/s.

Zermatt, Switzerland

The week will also be almost “snowless” in Zermatt: precipitation is expected on Tuesday (up to 6.2 mm) and Friday (up to 8.2 mm), cloudless sky is said to make skiers happy on Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday. The temperatures at the highest point of the area will very from -6° C to 0° C this week. The “windiest” period of the week is Friday night — gusts will speed up to 6 m/s then.

Alpe D’Huez, France

Alpe D’Huez will welcome its visitors with rain (up to 8.1 mm), -2 degrees Celsius (2.2 km) and minimally active wind (up to 2 m/s) on Tuesday. Then temperatures are expected to slowly rise — up to 11° C on Sunday. Wind is said to remain not significant and no snowfalls or rains are predicted.

Chamonix Mont-Blanc, France

This part of France is also expecting warmer weather in the end of the week. The thermometers at the height of 2.5 km will display up to 8 degrees Celsius on Sunday. At the height of 1 km it will be up to 17 degrees. You should be ready for snow and rain on Tuesday and for snow on Friday evening and night. The gustiest wind is “scheduled” for Tuesday (up to 4 m/s).

Verbier, Switzerland

Weather patterns similar to the described above can be seen in this region too. The week starts with -6° C (3.3 km) and is said to end with warmer 3 degrees. Precipitation is expected on Tuesday (up to 8.3 mm) and Friday night (up to 10.8 mm). Wind will shortly intensify up to 6 m/s on Tuesday, then it will not be gusty.

Kitzbühel, Austria

The Austrian resort will have mixed precipitation on Tuesday and Wednesday, then it will rain on Friday and will snow on Saturday. Temperatures are expected to stay below zero, it will get warmer on Sunday (up to 4° C at the height of 2 km). The average speed of wind is expected to be 2-3 m/s (gusts will speed up to 8 m/s at two time slots: Tuesday night and Wednesday night).

Livigno Ski Resort, Italy

Livigno will have stable -2 degrees at the height of 2.8 km till Saturday evening. Then, on Sunday, it will get warmer — 1° C. It will snow on Tuesday, Wednesday morning and Friday night. As for wind, the maximum speed will be reached on Friday night (up to 6 m/s).

Val Thorens, France

The closer to the New Year’s eve, the hotter… Val Thorens follows the trends: temperatures will rise up to 7° C (2.8 km), wind will not be gusty (average speed is 2 m/s), precipitation will fall on Tuesday and Friday.

Cortina D’Ampezzo (Cortina), Italy

Cortina is expected to have stable temperatures (-6 degrees Celsius at the height of 2.9 km) with some rise on Sunday (up to 0°C). Snow is said to fall on Wednesday (up to 0.3 mm) and Friday night (up to 1 mm). The strongest wind is scheduled for Wednesday (gusts up to 5 m/s).

St. Moritz, Switzerland

St Moritz is not going to offer you "exclusive" weather “exclusivity”... Here you will also have stable temperatures in the beginning of the week (-1°C) and warmer Sunday (3°C), precipitation on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday (up to 5.2 mm of snow) and wind that will be intense only once (gusts up to 7 m/s on Friday night).

!Due to ever-changing atmospheric conditions some alterations of long-term forecasts are possible. Please double-check the forecast with your weather app.

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