FDA approved new 5-minute test for coronavirus

FDA approved new 5-minute test for coronavirus

The Food and Drug Administration has approved a new COVID-19 test that allows to get a result in 5 minutes. The test was developed by Abbott, uses a portable ID NOW platform and can be performed in a doctor’s office (so, there is no need for a specialized lab).

At the moment, thousands of patients have to wait for tests and for their results for days that delays diagnostics.

The new test will available in a week or so and will be primarily used in emergency rooms or urgent care clinics in the United States. There is no information if the Abbot’s tests will be available in other countries.

COVID-19 have already killed 43,569 people (4,059 people in the U.S.) and sickened 877,573 people worldwide. These are numbers of registered cases: we should have in mind that people having only mild symptoms are rarely tested and asymptomatic people are never tested or included in the statistics (China, for example, confirmed that it had not counted asymptomatic people with positive tests for COVID-19 at the time of the first wave of the outbreak).

The novel coronavirus was first detected in China last year. In March, the outbreak was called a pandemic. Almosts all countries are now experiencing the spread of the infection, according to the WHO.

Open coronavirus spread live map.

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