First volunteer was given coronavirus vaccine

First volunteer was given coronavirus vaccine

There is no vaccine that could help battle the novel coronavirus yet and it will take months to have one on the market, however, some good news are coming.

Moderna and NIH have started testing their co-developed vaccine, 45 healthy volunteers will be given different doses of the substance to tests it for safety and ability to protect people from COVID-19. The first volunteer has already taken the vaccine at Kaiser Permanente Washington Health Research Institute (KPWHRI) in Seattle.

It is important to add that the vaccine have not had necessary animal testing — that step was skipped in order to bring the vaccine to market faster.

However, it will still take about a year to know if the vaccine works, the Independent reports. So, it is important to slowdown the spread of the infection, otherwise, healthcare systems will not be able to treat all the patients. Countries close their borders and quarantine people to slowdown the spread.

At the moment, sources report about at least 188,433 cases of COVID-19, about 7,500 deaths, and about 80,873 people who have already recovered.

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