Italian ski resort goes plastic-free

Italian ski resort goes plastic-free


One of Italian ski resorts, Pejo 3000, has become plastic-free. The resort with 12 miles of ski slopes and seven ski lifts in Val di Sole that attracts more than 100,000 skiers a season has announced that it banned using plastic bags, plastic bottles, plastic spoons, knives, and forks, plastic packages.

In January, the resort will stop covering its one-day ski passes with plastic. Guests will be asked not to use their own single-use plastic and to limit number of multi-use plastic things brought with them. Other steps will be taken later this season.

The decision was made after a new research revealed that a nearby glacier (the Forni Glacier) contained 131-162 million plastic particles. Scientists think that most of these particles originated from skiers’ clothing and equipment and may have been taken there by wind. Experts also suggest that other resorts have to ban plastic as well because “If plastic products reach the mountains, they will remain there for a long period of time, even decades”.

Pejo 3000 and other resorts located in this area (near the Dolomites) try to be eco-friendly. They already use hydroelectric plants to provide energy for the valley and heat buildings via a biomass plant.

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