January 20-26: Weather forecast for European ski resorts

January 20-26: Weather forecast for European ski resorts

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Many European ski resorts have similar weather patterns, but it is always useful to learn the details about the specific spot. Feel free to use our weekly reviews for this purpose! (And go to the Windy.app for more!)

Courchevel, France

Monday will be the coldest day of the week in Courchevel — -9…-12°С at the height of 2.4 km. Then it will become warmer — 0…-6°С. Monday will be the windiest day as well — gusts will reach 5 m/s. By the end of the week, wind will slow down to 1 m/s. Snow is expected to fall only on Friday (up to 4.9 mm).

Alpe D’Huez, France

The similar weather is expected in Alpe D’Huez: Monday will be the coldest day of the week there as well (-7…-11°C at the height of 2.2 km), snow is expected to fall on Friday and Saturday. Wind is not said to be stronger than 4 m/s.

Zermatt, Switzerland

It will be pretty cold in Zermatt on Monday (up to -23 degrees Celsius at the height of 3.9 km), then temperature will become more “comfortable” — -8…-17 degrees. Saturday and Sunday will be colder than the previous days. Precipitation is expected only on Friday. At the beginning of the week, wind will be 3-4 m/s but it will become weaker on Saturday and on Sunday (1-2 m/s).

Chamonix Mont-Blanc, France

The warmest days of the week in Chamonix Mont-Blanc are Wednesday and Thursday (-1…-4 degrees Celsius at the height of 2.5 km). The other days, you should expect a bit lower temperatures — up to -15°C on Monday, up to -10°C on Tuesday, up to -7°C on Friday, up to -8°C on Saturday, and up to -7°C on Sunday. It will insignificantly snow only Friday. Wind will have its only gusty moment on Monday night (up to 5 m/s).

Zugspitze, Germany

The week will start with cold weather in Zugspitze (-17°C on Monday at the height of 2 km) but then it will become warmer and thermometers will even "go" above zero (2°C on Wednesday, 3°C on Thursday, and 1°C on Friday). Snow is not expected to fall this week, though, and wind will be minimal — 1-3 m/s.

Kitzbühel, Austria

Another resort where no snowfalls are expected is Kitzbühe. This Austrian spot will welcome its guests with cold weather and treat them with 0…-8 degrees Celsius during the week (2 km). Wind is expected to be negligibly weak — 1-2 m/s.

Livigno Ski Resort, Italy

The beginning of the week will be cold — you should expect -10…-22 degrees at the height of 2.8 km. Then, weather is said to become milder — -5…-10 degrees. Saturday and Sunday will bring some cold back — it will be -10…-13 degrees these days. Sky will be almost clear during the week, clouds are expected on Friday and Saturday morning. A few millimeters of snow will fall on Friday. Wind will not bother skiers — it will be gentle (1-3 m/s).

Val Thorens, France

Wind will be gusty at the beginning of the week in Val Thorens (5-7 m/s). This force of nature will become weaker on Wednesday (3-4 m/s), then it will strengthen again on Thursday (5 m/s), and the week will end with just 1-2 m/s. It will snow a bit on Friday, the other days will be cloudy but snowless. As for temperatures, you should expect a wide range of them during the week — from -15°C on Monday to -2°C on Thursday and to -10°C on Sunday (2.8 km).

Cortina D’Ampezzo (Cortina), Italy

Cortina D’Ampezzo will follow the trends: cold Monday and Tuesday (up to -19°C), warmer Wednesday and Thursday (-6…-10°С), and somewhat-in-between weekend (-8…-12°С); minimally active wind (1-2 m/s) and the once in a week Friday snowfall (if we may put it so…).

Grindelwald, Switzerland

This Switz resort will have stable 1-3 m/s wind during the week and minimal precipitation on Saturday morning. Monday is said to be cold (up to -15°C), Tuesday’s temperature will “touch” the zero at the end of the day, and it will be 2…-2°С on Wednesday and on Thursday. It will become colder on Friday, Saturday and Sunday (up to -7°C at the height of 2.5 km).

!Due to ever-changing atmospheric conditions some alterations of long-term forecasts are possible. Please double-check the forecast with your weather app.

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