Lonely Planet to offer carbon-neutral tours

Lonely Planet to offer carbon-neutral tours

It seems like responsible tourism is a new trend no one can leave aside. A new survey led by Lonely Planet showed that 68% out of 7,500 respondents started to think about the environment more, and 35% considered sustainability the most important factor when planning trips.

Using that knowledge, the website has launched a new project offering “carbon-neutral tours”. In collaboration with Intrepid Travel, Lonely Planet is offering 200 day tours and over 130 multi-days tours to 65 countries on six continents. Some tours will be just several hours long, but others will last for about a month, The Guardian writes. For example, travellers will be able to go on a one-day walking trip in Paris or to visit a food market in Tokyo (it would take about an hour to do so). If they plan to spend more time travelling, they will be able to have an 11-day adventure in India (from Varanasi to Dehli)

All the tours are said to have minimal impact on the environment by using only local transport and products (local food and drinks) and spending money included in the price of the tours on offsetting carbon emissions (Intrepid Travel is now planting trees in Kenya with help of Offset Earth).

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