New storm coming to Britain

New storm coming to Britain

Storm Ciara hit the United Kingdom last week and left the country flooded and devastated. However, the country is expected to have a new furious guest. Storm Davis will bring heavy rain, snow and strong winds there this weekend. The storm is expected to land on Saturday.

As Met Office reports, the storm will not be as intense as Ciara, but it will definitely make lives of people in Ireland, England and Scotland uncomfortable. “Yellow” weather alerts will be issued.

Wind is expected to gust up to 50 mph (80 kilometers per hour). Coastal areas will be under the main threat. As rain and snow are expected, floods and blizzards are possible.

Dennis is the fourth named storm of the season, the Guardian adds.

The United Kingdom (mostly, Scotland) is now recovering from storm Ciara which damaged buildings, flooded streets and affected public transportation.

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