Number of deaths from coronavirus increased

Number of deaths from coronavirus increased

The number of death from the novel coronavirus officially named Covid-19 have drastically increased. As CNN reports, about 1,300 people have died to the moment and 242 people died yesterday. More than 14,840 new cases of the infection were reported yesterday.

Chinese officials have tried to explain why the number of victims increased. Earlier, only people with positive tests results were counted either as infected or as killed by the virus. Now, epidemiologists decided to count people who had all the symptoms of the new virus but died before having the test or still waiting for it. Such cases are called "clinically diagnosed".

Testing all people promptly is very difficult because of the number of patients and doctors need to start giving treatment to all people with the symptoms immediately. That is why it was decided to count people as infected by the Covid-19 even if there are no tests results yet.

Globally, more than 60,000 have already been infected with the coronavirus (most of them, in China). More that 3,441 of them have recovered and left hospitals.

Despite the fact that only two people have died outside China (to the moment), the WHO says that the virus may spread further, in any direction. (Although, specialists say that the outbreak should ease in a couple of months).

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