Snow forecast for USA resorts

Snow forecast for USA resorts


We’ve collected a list of places for skiing and snowboarding. Our weekly forecast will help you decide which destination to choose. Our forecast will be updated every week.

Mammoth Mountain

Mammoth mountain
Mammoth mountain. Photo: Pixabay

A must visit place. Lots of activities and sports for all tastes. Beautiful nature!

Forecast for December 9-15: Do not expect snowy weather yet, there will be some precipitation on Wednesday, but just a little snow. The temperature this week will rise from -4 to +7 on Wednesday also. Thursday is going to get hot with 11 degrees above zero. We will keep you updated on the weather conditions. 


Snowshoe mountain resort

Snowshoe Mountain

Snowshoe Mountain. Photo: Pixabay

Located in the US, this the largest winter East Coast ski resort in the Mid-Atlantic. This resort features a wide selection of restaurants and shopping spots.

Forecast for December 9-15: Snow base depth is 55". From the start of the week, on December 9, we will have some mixed precipitation. On Tuesday there will be a sharp jump in temperature to +10 degrees, but expect some snow on Wednesday, it is going to get a little frosty and snowy, the wind speed will increase up to 8 m/s. 



Steamboat. Photo: Pixabay

Thi is a major ski area in Northwestern Colorado with lots of activities to choose from.

Forecast for December 9-15: Monday starts with snow precipitation in the day time. On Tuesday, the 10th, tracking Monday, there will be short periods of wind gusts, up to 9 m/s. The temperature won’t change during the week: -5 degrees. On Thursday there will be a short period of snow. Saturday will bring us quite a few inches of snow. 



Aspen. Photo: Pixabay

Aspen is a well known ski destination in the US, with four ski mountains!

Forecast for December 9-15: The week starts with a light snow and cloudiness. Air temperature will not be lower than -4 degrees. Partly sunny on Tuesday and Wednesday. Overall, the weather is going to be calm. 



Park City

Park city

Park city. Photo: Pixabay

Located in the USA, Park City is a mountain resort in Utah. This place is about both relaxation and sports. 

Forecast for December 9-15: The week will start with snow precipitation, partly cloudy. The following days the weather will be calm.


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