Spot of the day: La Casita Azul, Spain

Spot of the day: La Casita Azul, Spain

La Casita Azul, Isla Cristina, Spain 

Photo by Miguel Ángel Mendez

The author of review is Miguel Ángel Mendez:

• Level of riding: Beginners; Intermediate; Advanced
• Best season: May - September
• Water depth: less than 1m
• Recommended kite size: 11; 12; 13
• Working wind direction: Southwest (SW); Northwest (NW)
• Infrastructure: Schools and rent
• Best kite school: Waterproof kite school
• Best meal place: La taberna del Tito Nino, Casa Joaquin
• Best hotel: Camping Taray, Hotel Occidental
• Comment on the spot: «There aren’t people, so the beach only for me 😉👊»

Photo by Miguel Ángel Mendez

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