Storm Ciara left UK flooded and devastated

Storm Ciara left UK flooded and devastated

A storm named Ciara hit the United Kingdom last weekend. The storm brought heavy rain and wind that gusted up to 99 mph (144 kilometers per hour) and left the affected areas flooded and devastated.

A month and a half's worth of rainfall felt in 24 hours, Met Office reports.

More than 20,000 people were left without electricity, airlines cancelled hundreds of flights. About 200 flood warnings were issued in Wales, Scotland and England. Hundreds of people were evacuated. There were reports of damage (trees were unrooted, cars were turned upside down, buildings and constructions were damaged). Debris are all over the place and cause problems for rail passengers.

The storm has already passed, but the country still battles its consequences. Moreover, meteorologists expect even more bad weather ahead. For example, as BBC reports, “a warning for wind and snow is in place for the entire day throughout Northern Ireland and most of Scotland” and in England it will snow after 15:00 GMT. Blizzards are possible.

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