Tech giants cancelled trips to China due to coronavirus

Tech giants cancelled trips to China due to coronavirus

Amazon has started restricting employee travel to China due to the coronavirus outbreak, the CNBC reports. All company’s business trips to the country have been cancelled, employees have also been advised to think about their health and postpone their personal trips. Moreover, it was said that employees that were in the affected areas at the moment and were going to fly home in the following days would be required to work from home for two weeks.

Amazon is not the only company limiting its travels to China. Facebook, Apple, Microsoft have also announced taking similar steps.

A new type of coronavirus was found in China at the end of the last year. Over 100 people have died and more than 6,000 people have fallen ill to this moment. The reason why tech giants are reacting to the outbreak is that 5 cases of the infection have been already confirmed in the United States.

Open coronavirus spread live map.

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