There might be two types of coronavirus

There might be two types of coronavirus

Scientists say that there might be two types of the novel coronavirus. The preliminary study published by the Peking University sheds light on the fact that COVID-19 has actually evolved into two major types — L and S.

The so-called L type is more aggressive (people have more severe symptoms and die more often). The S type is not so dangerous.

It seems like the L type was dominant at the early stage of the outbreak (70 % of all cases). But now, while the two types of the virus are still present, the S type is registered more often.

Scientists explain that there are less the L type cases now because such cases were much more evident and infected people were quarantined more often. While the S type cases continued spreading because infected people were harder to register.

More research are still needed and the authors of the paper will continue working on the topic.

As of now, there are about 98,000 people infected with COVID-19. Over 3,338 people have died, over 55,000 people have recovered.

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