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Top-10 movies about kiteboarding to watch while you stay home by Artem Garashchenko

Top-10 movies about kiteboarding to watch while you stay home by Artem Garashchenko


Isolated? Miss your kiteboard? Time to check the best movies about kitesurfing ever! Check Artem Garashchenko's top-10:

💥 The Bubble Film (2017) — a movie by super talented rider Noè Font. Stylish riding, brilliant film editing and a deep idea.

💥 Aaron Hadlow TWENTY (2019) — everybody knows Aaron Hadlow Official Page, 5Х world champion. In the movie, Aaron tells about his 20-years long journey into kiteboarding.

💥 Dimensions (2008) — snowkite movie filmed in 2008 and still absolutely brilliant.

💥 Kororo (2019) — a movie on European riders adventures on Kamchatka. Beautiful nature, lovely journey and riding on water and ice at the same time.

💥 Metropolis (2004) — gorgeous soundtrack and hilarious jokes.

💥 Entropy (2006) — the first movie in a Norwegian snowkite trilogy. The bow-kites have just appeared, but those Vikings already manage to show some crazy tricks with them. 15 years ago!

💥 Something Stronger (2007) — same Norwegian snowkiters. They are the best.

💥 Chapter One (2016) — the first feature length kiteboarding movie after a long break.

💥 Upwind — Launch of a Sport (History of Kitesurfing) 2005. The history of kiteboarding as a sport.

💥 ANTANDROY (2012) — the soty of great journey to Madagascar with freestyling in waveriding on super unusual spots.


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Cover photo: Unsplash

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