A selection of kitesurfing spots by Brazilian surfer Bruna Kajiya

A selection of kitesurfing spots by Brazilian surfer Bruna Kajiya

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Bruna Kajiya is a Brazilian professional kiteboarder. She is a five-time Vice World Champion and a three-time World Champion Freestyle in the World Kiteboarding League (WKL).

Bruna was the first woman to land a "Backside 315", a trick that combines a 540 degree rotation and double handle-pass. 

We asked Bruna about her favourite spots for kitesurfing:

1. Cauipe Lagoon - Brasil : freestyle perfection, flat water and smooth winds. Gets even better with no crowd.

Check our forecast for the spot.



2. Los Roques - Venezuela: one of the most beautiful locations I’ve kited. There are so many options to ride on the various islands of the archipelago. Warm temperatures, smooth wing and turquoise water.

Find the forecast for the spot here.



3. Le Morne - Mauritius : Recently discovered how much I I enjoy wave riding on a trip to Mauritius last year. You can also have a solid freestyle session there.

Our forecast for Le Morne provided.



4. La Boca - Dominican Republic: Dominicana  in general has amazing kiting, La Boca is perfectly flat for a freestyle. And when I get tired of that, I’ll go to El Encuentro to have a kicker session.

Don't forget to check the forecast before you go.



5. Drepano - Greece: I love the lifestyle, food and people of this country. Combined with wind almost everyday on the season and flat water it’s a perfect location for a training trip.

You can find Windy.app forecast for Drepano here.

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