US bans passenger travel from Europe

US bans passenger travel from Europe

People from Europe will not be able to get to the U.S in the nearest future. Yesterday, on March 11, Donald Trump banned all EU air passenger travel to the U.S in order to stop the coronavirus spread in the country. The suspension will last for 30 days.

More than 1,300 people have been infected and 33 people have already died in the U.S. COVID-19 is said to be present in 38 states.

Europe is now the center of the outbreak — that means that the region has the largest number of new cases every day (China, that was the "main source" of the virus, said that the spread of the infection had slowed down there).

The WHO also called the situation with COVID-19 a pandemic (that means that the virus is now a threat to the whole world and more aggressive protection measures are possible).

More than 128,884 people have already been infected with the coronavirus, over 4,729 people have died, over 68,000 people have recovered.

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