WHO: coronavirus mortality rate higher than expected

WHO: coronavirus mortality rate higher than expected

The novel coronavirus could be more dangerous than it was thought to be. According to the WHO, its mortality rate could be higher than previous estimates — about 3.4%. (That means that 3.4% of all people that were registered as infected died). Previous estimates showed that about 2% of all registered cases ended with patient’s death.

At the same time, the WHO adds that mortality ranges from 0.7% to up to 4%, depending on the country (on the level of healthcare system development there). So, in some countries people die more often than in other countries.

Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, the WHO’s Director-General, says that COVID-19 is not an influenza virus and behaves differently. However, the virus spread could be contained as we learn more and more about the virus.

Officially, more than 93,000 have been infected with the coronavirus and over 3,100 people have died. The virus is now spreading around the world and making countries take several measures to stop the outbreak. For example, Italy is planning to temporarily close all schools and universities and Iran is planning to temporarily free 54,000 prisoners in order to stop the spread.

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