WHO declared coronavirus pandemic

WHO declared coronavirus pandemic

The World Health Organization has officially called COVID-19 (the novel coronavirus that was first detected last December in China) pandemic. That means that the infection has become a threat to the whole world.

This is the first time any coronavirus has been been called pandemic, the WHO adds. The organisation also asks all countries to “to take urgent and aggressive action to stop the disease”.

Transportation between countries have already been limited, some areas have been quarantined. Public gatherings in most of the affected countries have been banned, sport events, perfornances and concerts have been cancelled, some schools have been closed and people in many countries have been asked to self-quarantine. Possibly, now, when the virus has been called pandemic, such measures may become more agressive.

As of now, at least 114 countries have been affected by COVID_19. Over 4,585 people have already died, more than 124,933 people have fallen ill. The centers of the outbreak are China, Italy, Iran, South Korea, Spain, Germany, France, USA. The first four countries have 90% of all registered cases of the deasease.

Open coronavirus spread live map.