Windy app features and news

Windy app features and news

We are Windy App and we are one of the best professional weather apps. Initially in 2015 we made it for kitesurfers. None of existed at that time apps worked for windlovers who we were and are up to now. Today we have millions of users all over the world – kitesurfers, windsurfers, yachtsmen, fishermen and others.

Why they all choose Windy App? We have lots of features and everyone can find what he really needs and bind it with his activity.

We give you opportunity to advance your interface. You can add parameters that you really need and delete others from your profile. You manage the color scheme of your windy map. Only you decide if the wind speed is rather high to have red color in your own interface.

You do not want to bother with setting adjustments? We have standard profiles that have already the set of parameters needed for special activity – for kitesurfing, fishing, surfing, air. You just pick one of them.

If you need first-hand experience from the spot or some help, suggestion on where the kitesurfing school, storage are we have local chats. We launched them in 2016 and they become more and more popular among users.

We have Pro version where you can find even more features:

You can see data from more than 10 weather models. The wind is often hard to predict. So we keep your choice open. You can compare data and make decision by yourself what forecast to believe in.

You can check weather forecast for the last 10 days –  we maintain history of weather forecast so you can always check whether forecast is relevant for exact spot or not.

Our new feature – Wind reports. If you found super cool new spot and want to share it, you can at once Wind report about it.

In local chats you can find offers with discounts and promo codes from our partners – local kiteschools, hotels, stores and so on.

If you often out of connection, we have offline mode. You can save your last updated forecast and apply it anytime later.

Do you have any favorite spots and want to know when the wind starts there? Set the Wind alert and you will find out about it off hand.

The last but not least – we have Wind barbs - the feature we made for kitesurfers, but eventually they became very popular also among yachtsmen.

And the final flourish for both versions – we have no built-in adds. Yes, we do not have any annoying pop-up windows that disturb you from checking weather conditions forecast.

So do you understand why millions of users choose Windy App? Yes, you can install it – all the links below


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