How helps its users. Get to know yourself in these stories

How helps its users. Get to know yourself in these stories

Share: users keep leaving messages to our last year's request to share their opinions on winning the WMO Mobile Apps Awards 2020 as the best app for outdoors, leasure and sports. There are 1,795 replies now.

We've again selected a couple of amazing reviews and true stories about how and why people use So the app helps you to:

Get accurate weather forecast

"I've been using this app for several years. It's the most accurate of all weather apps I consult and has the most complete info including moon phase, tides and water temp." — Doktor Z

"It gives us the accurate wind direction and speed. It helps me a lot on my fishing adventure." — Guest

"Used your site for years, even when abroad. Best weather site I have used. Keep up the great work." — Rob Barker

"I have been looking for a weather app that provides forecasts for countries I visit. Thanks for this." — Honey

Save time

"Using your app means less wasted time on the water which is important to me because I’m a very busy person, thank you for being you." — Bill Coble

Have a daily "weather app" companion

"I am an oceanographer and kitesurfer and basically use the app for all my days. Excellent interface and data. The best forecast app out there!" — Thiago

"Love the app and use it all the time for sea kayaking. I suggest to add more info to swell forecast so have desperately the primary secondary and tertiary swell." — Guest

"For a veterinarian always in a road, your app is very helpful to go out or... relax for few hours, or looking every morning for the future." — Fernando Mattioli

Stay safe outdoors

"I'm boating over distances that require localized forecasts. This app makes my trips safer and aids planning." — Mark

"I'm a tugboat captain towing barges. This app has helped me make better decisions keeping my vessel and crew safe." — Robert

Build professionalism

"This app has made a huge difference in my success in paragliding during the last 3 years. Looking for it is the first thing I recommend to my pilot friends!" — Luis

"It's been very useful in competitive sailboat racing and planning both currents and wind over the course of a multi-hour race. The interface is fantastic." — Karsten

"I use this app in an industrial environment where the weather dictates if we can work or not. This is the best and most accurate tool to help us plan and schedule our activities." — Guest

"As I work in Disaster Management, I require accurate information and data. allowing me to do my job to the best of my abilities." — André Aucamp

Educate others

"We use the program on our school to explain mechanisms in physics, geo or biology like Coriolis effect and pressure." — Afstandsleren

Plan different kinds of outdoors activities

"We use your service every day to plan our sailing charters and lessons. It’s fast, easy and reliable. And easy to read, even for an old guy using an iPhone." — Captain Dan

"I use the app for swimming and paddle boarding — always good for planning. Even better with longer range wave forecasts." — Tim

"This has helped me plan paramotoring activities wherever I am in the world." — Usman

"Really appreciate this tool as a core go-to for watching the weather and predicting the suitability of sea swimming conditions." — Sj Ross

"A professional product, delivered by professionals, who listen to their end-users; remain connected to the communities, and stay grounded." — Skippah

Save people's lives, and nature

"I use your app here in Southern California because we deal with fires and need to know the wind direction." — Guest

Enjoy the mobile apps

"Customizing to my paddleboarding has been invaluable. Lovely 'at a glance' information thanks to being able to choose colors." — Lily

"I am not surprised [in winning the WMO Mobile Awards] as the product is excellent from my perspective as a keen sailor." — Ray Lawless


If you're inspired by the stories of our users, communicate with them in the Community and Chats in the spots.

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Cover photo: Carmel-ng / Unsplash.

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