Keremma, Treflez, France: weather statistics and wind history

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Nearby spots

Rade de Brest, France • 33km
13 m/s, South +9 °C, Light rain
Sainte-Marguerite, Landeda, France • 28km
16 m/s, South +9 °C, Light rain
Le Dossen, France • 14km
13 m/s, South +8 °C, Partly cloudy
Le Petit Minou, Plouzane, France • 45km
16 m/s, Southeast +10 °C, Light rain
Aber Wrach, France (L'Aber Vrac'h) • 24km
14 m/s, South +9 °C, Partly cloudy
brest moulin Blanc • 33km
13 m/s, South +9 °C, Light rain

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