Introducing the Air Temperature Map feature in the MeMeteo app for iOS


There is a big update of the MeMeteo app for general weather forecasting from the team. Now you can get Air Temperature Map for the whole world from the version 2.2.1 (2211) for iOS. 

On the map, you can see real-time air temperature in a particular region, as well as a forecast for the next 10 days in a three-hour forecast step. It's a simple and straightforward feature that will help users around the world get quicker and better information about temperature — the most important weather parameter, along with wind and precipitation.

How to find Air Temperature Map

1. Download the app for your iPhone or iPad. (There is also an Android version.)


2. Open your city or the one you are going to travel to — for example, San Francisco in the US.


3. Swipe down a little bit to the Weather Map.


4. Open the map and activate the Temperature Mode by clicking on the icon in the lower right corner.


5. Move the map around, zoom in and out to see temperatures in different parts of the city and around the world. The temperature is easy to understand — it is indicated by colors from purple to magenta.


6. Change Celsius to Fahrenheit and vice versa in the setting in the app's Main menu.



About MeMeteo

MeMeteo is a leading weather app from the team created especially for general weather forecasting. Besides basic weather parameters and functions such as temperature, wind direction and speed, atmospheric pressure, and others, you can find here an expanded set of parameters important for each person's health: Air Quality Index, UV Index, Geomagnetic Storms Index, Moon Phases, etc. and Weather Map for the whole world with temperature and two types of precipitation — forecast and radar.

MeMeteo website:

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