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Wind Zone

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Our school is located in an ideal area for activities such as windsurfing, cathamaran, paddle surfing and surf lessons . These are the activities that can be performed in our center. Besides, we have a chill-out area in our center in our Kitepiriña Beach Club; with a hammock area, beach umbrellas, beach volleyball field, ping pong table and music. All accompanied by a good refreshing drink. In our school, international championships are held annually, such as Spain Cup Race Kite Surfing, scoring for the World Cup, and Proam Windsurfing Championship, also known as the Iberian Windsurfing Circuit. Learn about all our classes. Do not forget to check our prices and, of course, our offers. If you have any questions, please contact us.


+34 687 45 60 78

[email protected]


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