Catch22 Dragon Boat Racing

Catch22 Dragon Boat Racing

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What is Dragonboat? Dragon Boat racing combines everything you never thought could go together, in perfect harmony. It combines the tradition of ancient Chinese culture with the modern world of competitive sports. Dragon boat racing dates back 2,500 years but has recently been highlighted in SI, the WSJ and the NYTimes as one of the fastest growing water sports in the world with hundreds of international teams competing in over 60 countries. Paddlers require grace, flexibility and synchronicity while exhibiting strength, power and endurance. Twenty paddlers race in a slim, 40-ft boat in perfect beat to a drummer that sits on the bow as the coxswain steers from the back. Each stroke is composed of an explosion of energy as the boat tears through the water, balanced by a relaxed return as the paddle cuts through the air. Crews propel the 800lb boats for distances of 250m, 500m, 1000m or more.


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