Dutch predator fishing trip

Dutch predator fishing trip

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We will bring you on a boat to the checked spot, provide you with professional equipment and show you how to fish. The catch is guaranteed! Guided fishing is the recreation for the whole family with unfogettable emotions. A fishing trip with GoSnoekbaars is always full of exitement with only one goal, making sure you will be catching some predators. We can fish in every lake or river in Holland but one of the greatest experiences is to fish in the centre of Amsterdam were we are also able to make a short city trip through the canals and what will be greater then a picture with you holding a nice zander in the centre of Amsterdam. Another great adventure is to fish on the small river Zaan were you will have a great few on all kind of special Zaan houses and the windmills arround. You will be enjoying great nature, fish and a great overview of everything that is arround you. With GoSnoekbaars we have many opportunities to make sure you will be having a great day.