Lesson 1. Dew point

Lesson 1. Dew point

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What is Dew Point temperature?

Air can hold water molecules. The warmer the air is, the more molecules it contains. The colder it is, the less water it can hold.

If air humidity is 100%, it means that the maximum possible number of water molecules is in the air and it cannot take any more.

Usually, warm air rises up from the ground. The higher it is, the cooler the air mass gets, and the less amount of water it can hold. Excesses of water appear, and we see a cloud.

Dew Point explanation, water molecules in cold air

The dew point is the air temperature at which its relative humidity reaches 100% and water vapor begins to "precipitate", that is to condense.

In other words, the dew point is the temperature to which the air needs to be cooled so that water condensate is released from it (dew appears).

Dew Point in Windy.app

In our app you can see the dew point value in the ICON or ICON7 profile (only for PRO) or in the AIR profile (for all users. To see the AIR profile you need to mark paragliding in your account).

Dew point in mobile app Windy.app, ICON forecast




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