Where to go surfing in July

Where to go surfing in July

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Dear friends and surfing lovers – most of you are about to turn your gaze towards the long-awaited and anticipated summer holidays. We are going to be honest with you – summer and surf in Europe is a tough combo since there is less atmospheric movement in the North Atlantic Ocean. In other words, it means weaker storms and an unpredictable surf. Hence, we have picked out the most surfable beaches with the most consistent swell in July in Europe and decided to throw in a few spots for those who don’t mind spending a few extra hours on the plane to chase some sick waves in the faraway lands. 

In short, summer is a great time to enjoy smaller swells and master longboards. Don’t worry, short boarders, stay on alert and invest in a car and stick to your Windy.app to find the best swell.

Surf spots in France in July

For the most consistent swell, we recommend you choose the Basque Country in France and Spain. The Atlantic coast is where all the actions sit – many breaks to surf. We recommend you head to the Silver Coast, also known as Côte d’Argent, for world-famous spots like Lacanau, Hossegor, and Biarritz. When the swell is good, the whole coast is on fire. That obviously means crowd so be ready to wait for your turn and respect the locals. Sea temperatures peak in the range of 20 to 25°C (68 to 77°F) so a spring suit and a rest vest and board shorts should be just fine. 

+food and wine
+long-board friendly waves
+world-class breaks

Best beginner beach - HossegorBest beginner beach - Hossegor


Best intermediate beach - LandesBest intermediate beach - Landes


Most famous beach - BiarritzMost famous beach - Biarritz


Surf spots in Spain in July

We know that you surfers are mostly only about surfing but what if you could combine incredible surfing with the most delicious food invented? Yes, the answer lies in a little town on the Bay of Biscay – San Sebastian - where surfing is a must on one of the three beaches (Zurriola, Ondaretta and Pico del Oro). If you are keen to experience a more tranquillo vibe, head to Galicia to enjoy the best beaches in the region for riding longboards. Make sure to check out Salinas International Longboard Surf Festival taking place in the last week of July at Salinas.

+relatively cheap 
+food and wine
+abundance of sightseeing


Best beginner beach - Santander & SomeBest beginner beach - Santander & Some


Best intermediate beach - ZarautzBest intermediate beach - Zarautz

Most famous beach - MundakaMost famous beach - Mundaka

Surf spots in Portugal in July

Winter, summer - Portugal is a year-round destination for surfing since it picks up north, west and south swells. The trick is to pick the right spot for the summer months. Usually, the safe bet would be to head to the Peniche area or head down south to the picturesque Algarve area. Make sure to look for morning breeze as the wind tends to be offshore then. Water tends to be cold in the region (especially Central Portugal) so make sure to pack your 3/2mm spring suit. 

+surf culture 
+short distance between spots


Best beginner beach - LisbonBest beginner beach - Lisbon

Best intermediate beach - PenicheBest intermediate beach - Peniche

Most famous beach - NazareMost famous beach - Nazare


Surf spots in Mexico in July

Did someone say sick waves? Yes, welcome to the land of an epic surf. No matter where you look, Mexico has something for everyone. The good thing about our summer months – it means it’s Mexican winter time aka the hurricane season. Yes, it’s hot and moist but the waves… the waves are most rich in size. We recommend your head to Oaxaca to check amazing spots like Barra de la Cruz, Barra de Colotepec and Zipolite. When you’re around, make sure to check the big boys’ league – the famous Zicatela “The Mexican Pipeline”. Paddle out only if you’re ready to take the heat.

+rich surf culture
+laid back vibe

Best beginner beach - SayulitaBest beginner beach - Sayulita

Best intermediate beach - La SaladitaBest intermediate beach - La Saladita

Most famous beach - Puerto EscondidoMost famous beach - Puerto Escondido


Surf spots in Costa Rica in July

The Costa Rican lifestyle is an embodiment of surfing and the culture that surrounds it. Pure vida, which means “simple life”, is a phrase you will hear a lot in Costa Rica. We recommend you head to the Pacific side of Costa Rica (even though the Caribbean side also has some great surf) to check out beaches like Playa Tamarindo, Playa Hermosa and Playa Santa Teresa. Costa Rica is a land of point breaks and it truly offers the best of the best to the very beginners all the way to some incredible breaks. 

+rich culture
+laid back vibe


Best beginner beach - TamarindoBest beginner beach - Tamarindo

Best intermediate beach - Santa TeresaBest intermediate beach - Santa Teresa

Most famous beach - Witch’s Rock Most famous beach - Witch’s Rock



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