Embracing the Prairies: Cycling Guide with Windy.app

Embracing the Prairies: Cycling Guide with Windy.app


In this post, Daniel Wesley, a founder of cycling club Green Route, will delve into the art of optimizing route navigation, selecting the ideal clothing for sun protection, and hydrating a body effectively for an epic ride across the vast prairie landscapes. Before any ride, he relies on the accuracy of Windy.app, a tool that provides weather insights to plan his ride.

Mastering Route Navigation with Windy.app: Riding with the Wind 

Out in the prairies, gusty winds are a common part of the terrain. To optimize my cycling experience, I must pay attention to the wind direction while navigating my route. Thanks to Windy.app’s hourly wind direction breakdown, I can pinpoint the best time to ride and strategize my ride accordingly. I often adopt the tried-and-true tactic of battling the prevailing headwind at the start of my ride. While it demands extra grit, the payoff is a tailwind advantage on the return trip when fatigue sets in. Alternatively, if the winds are ever-changing, I can customize my route to capitalize on cross-tailwinds or tailwinds to lend me a helping hand during my ride.

Dressing Right for Prairie Summers: Shielding from the Sun

Embarking on a summer cycling ride in the prairies means confronting 30+ degree celsius temperatures and limited shade. Proper clothing and sunscreen are my armor against the sun’s unforgiving rays. I seek out top-notch UV protection and lightweight apparel that not only shields my skin but also ensures comfort and breathability. Windy.app’s UV rating feature enables me to time my rides when the sun’s intensity is less harsh, providing relief against harmful UV rays.

Staying Hydrated: Hydration Strategies for the Heat

Cycling under the blazing sun demands meticulous hydration and nutrition. I always fill a well-insulated water bottle with a lot of ice on a hot day. This helps keep me cool and maintain an optimal core temperature while riding outdoors. If I’m planning a longer ride, I bring a third bottle and put it in my jersey pocket, ensuring sufficient hydration while also keeping my lower back cool at the start of my ride. I strategize my route to include stops where I can replenish my water supply and top up on essential nutrients such as electrolytes and carbohydrates. Windy.app’s precise weather forecasts help me gauge the expected temperature, allowing me to fine-tune my hydration strategy to perfection.

Chris Kendall / Unsplash

Introducing Green Route Cycling Club, an amatuer cycling club based out of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Green Route’s mission is to foster a local community that embraces the core principles of active, safe, and sustainable cycling within our beautiful environment. Emphasizing learning and sharing, the club encourages a greater understanding among cyclists of all ages and promotes harmony among road users. Join Green Route on Strava and Instagram for an exciting journey of camaraderie and cycling adventure!


Text: Daniel Wesley
Cover photo: Devon Hawkins / Unsplash

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