ECMWF-ENS — a fabulous weather forecast model based on 50 sources

ECMWF-ENS — a fabulous weather forecast model based on 50 sources


According to our in-house research, the average number of weather apps installed on user's mobile devices is 4. This is because the weather forecast is wrong from time to time. And some forecasts errors may cost you much while doing your favorite active sport or outdoor activity.

If you also cannot feel secure looking for the wind forecast in one app only, we beg you to try the EC-ENS weather model, it might make a difference for you.

What is the EC-ENS weather model?

EC-ENS or ECMWF-ENS is for Ensembles ECMWF (European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts). The tool is fabulous for weather forecasting as the range is based on 50 forecast sources. They describe the vast majority of probable scenarios. And it's far better than a result any of particular weather models deliver. Using ensembles is a powerful and modern weather forecasting approach.

What weather parameters can I compare with EC-ENS in

In the app you can compare:

  • wind speed, wind direction, and wind gusts,
  • air temperature,
  • atmospheric pressure at the sea level.

How to find and use EC-ENS in

1. Search and open your favorite spot or the nearest one to your current location.

2. Choose the EC-ENS model in a picker on your spot screen. The feature is available to all iOS and Android Pro-users.



3. Now you can see Max, Control, and Min values:

  • Max is the strongest wind 90% of ensemble forecasts provide.
  • Min is the slightest.
  • Control is the middle value you can rely on.

Knowing both, you could estimate the wind range in a certain time period.

Moreover, it could be useful in another way. If Min and Max are close, the forecast is trustworthy. In another case, you have a wide range of possible scenarios.




To see EC-ENS for air temperature and atmospheric pressure, choose ECMWF weather mode in the same picker and scroll down the screen:





Text: team

Cover photo: christian-bowen / unsplash

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