"I like to help sailors reach a higher level". Meet Martin Manrique from Bahamas, the founder of "Make them sailors" project

"I like to help sailors reach a higher level". Meet Martin Manrique from Bahamas, the founder of "Make them sailors" project


Martin Manrique is a sailing coach from Bahamas. He started sailing on an Optimist when he was 10 years old, and since then been always in contact with water. As an adult Martin started a project "Make them sailors" giving kids around the globe the opportunity to sail.

We asked Martin to tell us about his experience and give an advice for the beginners. Here’s what he told us:

During my University studies (I have a degree in Engineering) I started working as a sailing coach; and since then that’s my job and passion.

I like to connect with sailors all around the world and help them reach a higher level; but also use sailing as a way to push our personal boundaries and grow as human beings too!

With my partner Carlien we lived for 4 years on a sailing boat all around the Caribbean. We discovered life as cruisers and we love it! We travelled through all different islands, kiting in the most beautiful places on the planet.

Here we started our own personal non-profit, called “Make Them Sailors”, in which we teach children from all different backgrounds how to sail and provide new opportunities for kids all around the world.


Now we live full time on The Island of Eleuthera, started our own sailing school “Eleuthera Sailing Academy”, which is a ‘Make Them Sailors’ school (that means community based school); but also high level sailing centre AND amazing kite/windsurf rental/spot!

My advice for the beginners will be classic: safety first! Always know where you will end up in case things go wrong… Always check that your gear is in condition, and trust your feelings, in case you don't feel confindent! You have to be ok with "the worst possible scenario”.

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Text: Martin Manrique, a sailing coach from Bahamas. Edited by Varvara Potekhina

Cover photo: Unsplash

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