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"I make decisions based on weather changes". Meet Taiwanese yacht instructor Rekzen and his safety tips

"I make decisions based on weather changes". Meet Taiwanese yacht instructor Rekzen and his safety tips


Meet Rekzen: a 29 year old skipper, yacht instructor, rescuer, diver and volunteer firefighter. Rekzen always uses for the safety decisions. We asked him to tell about his background -- here's what Rekzen told us:

When I just graduated from high school, I joined the navy. I was a volunteer soldier of the Navy, without any experience. I’m just like an empty cup without water, I kept learning... military skills, radar operation and navigation tools, radio communication, weather, administration, management. When I was a leader and also a firefighter crew commander and an officer of the situation room in my unit. I spent 5 years on military trips and retired at 22.

Weather changes are very important for the navy. We need to make safety decisions. When it's thunder we need to switch off radar, radio, even navigation tools. An officer needs to ensure the safety of the equipment and the operator. I like the ocean and watch it every day, even with a typhoon coming, I knew the wind and ocean were angry… humans can't resist nature power, only respect!


After my military trips, I went through many jobs: a contractor, a graphic designer, a production foreman in the technology industry, a volunteer firefighter. When I have time, I go diving, swimming, hiking, mountaineering, canyoning.

When I was 24 I had an opportunity to go Palau. I was a national tour guide in Palau, sailing everyday with customers. I have to say Palau is heaven. The ocean has different shades of blue, always summer weather, always shirtless and in slippers! I wish I could live there forever, but due to the political problems between Taiwan, China and Palau, I decided to go back to Taiwan in March, 2018.


When I came back to Taiwan, I spent a short time getting sailing licenses, one to drive a yacht. Now I'm a yacht skipper and an instructor of the American Sailing Association in Taiwan, also a volunteer firefighter and graphic designer, lifeguard, diver, rescuer, emergency medical technician.

I love sailing, meeting new friends, knowing their stories and connecting with each other. The Ocean is reachable from everywhere.

So here are my dos and don'ts for safety:


1) Check the weather information
2) Risks Evaluation and Self Evaluation
3) Prepare Standard PFDs / Life-jackets, even the Ropes, Fins, Buoys, Whistle, Lights, Knife, GPS, VHF Radio...etc
4) Let other people know about your activities
5) On each step, Always Do Safety and Second Check
6) Apply for a professional course for learning, learning is the best way to decrease risks


1) Don't Risk!
2) Don't Be Alone!
3) Don't Use Damaged Things and Cheap Things!
4) Don't Get Proud, Respect Nature! Respect All!"


Text: team

Cover photo: Unsplash

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