Photos We Liked the Most From the Community in August 2020

Photos We Liked the Most From the Community in August 2020


There are a lot of great photos in the Community section of the app.

It has everything: surfing, paragliding, fishing, cycling and many other sports and activities. Users post photos from all over the world: from the USA to Japan and from Australia to Russia. In different weather and seasons: summer, autumn, winter and spring.

Every month we choose the ones we like the most.

Enjoy the photos of the August 2020 and read about how to get to the monthly selection at the end of the page.


Yoni Esteve — Salagou Lake, France (Lac du Salagou)


Réal Deschamps — Quai de St-Juste-du-Lac


MirazimovD — Bugazskaya kosa, Russia (Бугазская коса)


Ольга Владивостокова — Ейск, Yeiskwind-Каменка


Stefan Wieland — Falmouth Harbour Marina, Antigua and Barbuda


Екатерина Чащина — Быстровка


Константин Комлов — палтус


Илья Рахматулин — Бухта Радости


Trinagy — Hilo, United States


yenli winata — pulau peniki


Antofa — Towy Boat Club


Lee Davidson — Cleethorpes


GM Pluit — Tanjung Lesung


uavalentine — מבוא חמה


Kirill — Lakhta, Russia (Лахта)


Rolly 82 — KM-Oceana


Louise Edge — Old Hunstanton, United Kingdom


Usagirl — Swampscott Yacht Club


Andrey Narubin — Russian Federation - п. ЯСЕНСКАЯ ПЕРЕПРАВА, АЗОВ


الرس — علي العوفي 


Marphi — Greece - Mikri Vigla Naxos


Roman Vinogradov — Tivat, Montenegro


Abisto Denas — soulanet


Alexey Soshin — Соловки пос


Vince Weavers — EBB & FLO


Brymo — Bodega Head


Константин Лобусев — АКВАТОРИЯ ЛЕТА


Maverick — Арабатка, Геническая горка – #kite


刚 雷 — 大尖山滑翔基地

How to get to the "Photos We Like the Most"?

  • Post a photo in the community.
  • Be sure to write your name or nickname in the app's profile and mark the spot where the photo was taken.
  • Choose not the first random photo from your smartphone, but the great one. We and the users of the love people in the photos, beautiful landscapes, the right composition, unusual angle, smiles and other emotions, jokes, and humor... Be creative!

Weekly Photo Contest

Every seven days we also select the photo that collect the most likes during a week, and reward the author of the free lifetime Pro version!


Text: team

Cover photo: Unsplash

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