A selection of kitesurfing spots by Italian surfer Francesco Cappuzzo

A selection of kitesurfing spots by Italian surfer Francesco Cappuzzo


The 22 year-old waterman from Sicily feels comfortable on all kinds of boards and wins podium places in different disciplines. Francesco competes on both the PWA freestyle and wave tours. He finished in fifth place at the opening stop of the 2019 GKA wave tour. Francesco got awarded with the Italian Wave Champion title several times. We asked him about his favorite spots:


1. Puzziteddu, Sicily 

Super fun spot for windsurfing and kitesurfing, during the winter is super good for 1.5/2 meter waves with wind from the right and left side/side off, perfect to practice waveriding. During the summer we have termic wind from the right around 20knots and flat blue water.....what else you need? 

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Photo: Peggy Marco / Pixabay


2. One eye, Mauritius

Best wave in the planet for kitesurfing with wind from the left ....warm water, constant wind and barreling wave! I'm in love with this place!

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Photo: hhach / Pixabya


3. Ponta preta, Cape Verde

I've been there 2 times already and I'm never tired of this place. The waves are just amazing and it is a perfect backside training for me. And last but not the least, you always have the best riders in the world aside, so I'm learning something new every day!

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Photo: Matthias Lemm / Pixabay


4. Cape Town, South Africa

I cannot choose one spot because all the spots around the Cape of good hope are perfect to train windsurf and kitesurf. During the December-March period it is the best place where you can train because you have wind almost every day. Yes, the water is a bit cold, but the air is super warm and when you are in the water you forget about the coldness!

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Photo: Justasurferdude / Pixabay


5. Jericoacoara, Brazil 

Brazilian sunsets are just amazing, and caipirinha too! All of this after an amazing day in the water only in boardshorts, with constant 25/30 knots ...just Brazil!

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Photo: LhcCoutinho / Pixabay

Text: Windy.app team

Cover photo: Unsplash

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