A selection of kitesurfing spots by Italian surfer Alice Ruggiu

A selection of kitesurfing spots by Italian surfer Alice Ruggiu


Alice Ruggiu is a 17-year old PRO-rider form Italy. Last year she won first place in the TTR Italian Championship. In 2018 she came fifth in the TTR World championship. Her Big Air record is 14 m.

We asked Alice about her favorite spots — here's what she answered:

1. Gabella, Crotone. My first favourite spot, because during the summer there is alway wind with various conditions.

Check our forecast for the spot.

Gabella, Crotone. Photo: Pixabay


2. Barra Grande, Brazil. The spot is excellent! During the day the conditions change so you can train with the waves or flat sea! Fantastic.

Find the forecast for the spot here.


Barra Grande, Brazil. Photo: FabricioMacedoPhotos / Pixabay


3. Steccato, Crotone. IT has the W/SW wind and I love it because it’s very strong and the wind lasts until sunset.


Steccato, Crotone. Photo:  pcdazero / Pixabay


4. Punta pellaro in Reggio Calabria. A super spot because there is wind every single day and especially the north wind.

Don't forget to check the forecast before you go.


Reggio Calabria. Photo: loveombra / Pixabay


5. Dakhla, Morocco. One of the most fantastic spots that I have visited! It  is in the lagoon. The wind is perfect and I love it especially because there is flat water and I prefer it.


Dakhla, Morocco. Photo: edem84 / Pixabay

Text: Windy.app team

Cover photo: Unsplash

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