A selection of kitesurfing spots by German surfer Ben Beholz

A selection of kitesurfing spots by German surfer Ben Beholz


Ben Beholz is a german kitesurfer living in his van. Ben tries to reduce air pollution and flies as little as possible, which is why his favorite spots are in reach with his van.

Here they are:

1. Lake Como

Long season from March till November. The weather is warm and sunny. It's windy almost every day.

Check our forecast for the spot.




2. Silvaplana

An extremely beautiful spot with thermal wind every day.

Find the forecast for the spot here.





3. Sardinia

An island with lots of different kitespots.




4. Hyeres

Pretty consistent wind even in the winter time. Diverse spot with onshore and offshore conditions.

Don't forget to check the forecast before you go.





5. Tarifa

The spot that describes a lifestyle. Lots of different kitespots close by and delicious tapas.

Check our forecast for the spot.


Text: Windy.app team

Cover photo: Unsplash

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