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What users say about winning the WMO Mobile Apps Awards. Do we deserve it?

What users say about winning the WMO Mobile Apps Awards. Do we deserve it?


In December 2020, the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) has recognized as the best weather app for outdoors, leisure, and sports. 15 international experts chose it among 120 mobile applications. More: we've got a special mention for our work with the community!

In the Community section of the app, we asked our users, what helped us to win the Awards, and if we deserved it.

As a result, in the comments of the poll, we received more than 342 messages and detailed reviews from users about what they really liked about the app, why they use it, and whether they recommend it to their friends.

Enjoy the most intersting of these inspirational reviews in this post. We have divided it into a few categories by sport and not only.

This is what users like the most in the app. Screenshot of the results of the poll in the Community section


"Very handy app for fishing all over the world. I use it everywhere!" — Guest

"We go fishing every week and an accurate wind forecast is always needed. A great and convenient app." — Edz

"It is of great help in our efforts to learn the best time to go on fishing offshore." — Ernesto Macias

"Fantastic app! We love the accuracy for everything we do. From recreation to work, we can depend on the forecast." — Jd gibb

"Awesomeness! Accuracy at its best to help me." — Wiki

"Great app, the accurate forecast for wind gusts on the lake. Keep up the good work." — Randy Kotz

"Use this app for fishing in Australia, find it very accurate." — Luke Nation

"Good just to know what to expect from wind and direction." — Guest

"Great app. It lets me know when the wind will be in my willows!" — John Hemsley

"Great app, but I still use another two apps to get better clarity on the forecast. Accuracy is good in terms of when will start blowing and wind direction. If the accuracy of the forecast increases, will be a killer and the only one app" — Guest

"With Windy app, every time I learn something new about wind." — Dario

"Thank you for one of the best surfing forecast app." — Nash

"Great job guys. Been using your app for about a year for sea kayaking and kite surfing!" — Guest

Thanks, I use this app a lot. The ideal app to follow when I want to go out for windsurfing." — Tom

"My go-to app for boating and paddleboarding on the Gulf in SW Florida."— Phil

"The best weather app I've ever used." — Tastanka

"I’ve used many apps for weather over many years — Sea Breeze, Willy Weather, Weather+, Netatmo, Weatherzone... This is easily the best." — Bruce Millar

"I prefer this app over so many others and the forecast has been very reliable. Before I used to check several apps but now this one is more than enough!" — Glen Grixti

"Well done all. I prefer this app to predict wind hands down." — Stew

"Well deserved recognition! I use the app pretty much daily instead of local weather apps!" — HK

"I haven't seen a better app yet. Good luck and improvements." — Axexei

"Several years use of your app for weather dependent sports as well as scientific work." — Bill Hirst

"Thank you for making this app happen, I used it a lot in the wind industry." — Bruce Borowski

"Thank you so much. I use it regularly as it keeps me aware of my situation on the farm. Especially in the winter months when it is the time to burn the olive tree cuttings. Thanks. :-))" — Paul Karwandy

"I fly drones, fish, and do more outdoors. My go-to for wind!" — Ed

"Great app! I fly RC airplanes and use it daily." — John

"Congrats on the recognition. Your app is my go-to for accurate weather info — when we are venturing out on snow machines at -40 degrees Celsius, flying floatplanes in the fall and need accurate wind conditions or scuba diving in the Hudson Bay and looking for wind forecasts for boat travel this app has it all." — M.Reibin

"Amazing! I always check the app before my paramotor flights or sailing!" — Marcial

"Great for checking the wind direction before we cycle, thank you." — Ross is the best app in its category by WMO /

"Great site, always gives a reasonable long-range forecast." — Guest

"Long-range forecast helps plan offshore trips, where and how far to travel. Thanks from the NE coast." — Captain Darren

"Congratulations on your awards and on the app that is a necessary tool for our outdoor sports." — Guest

"Enjoyed your company on long sailing trips, thanks." — Rich Robbins

"Guys, you do a fabulous job, and you totally deserve it! Congrats!!! PS Special thanks for weather fronts, I bought a subscription because of the feature." — Chris72

"Brilliant for sailing, especially when I was weather-bound up the east coast and found a weather window to return to homeport." — Cheers

"It is clear that a great analysis of the needs. Everything is great, compact, and informative. It is convenient for marine navigation, every day a new port with an accurate wind scheme, very convenient! I will pay for the next year as well. Great job!!!" — Alexei

"Useful and easy to use the app. I use it all the time to plan my boat trips." — José

"Great app! Live by this for marine forecasts and planning on water outings. So helpful and keeps me and my adventure friends safe!" — BCNicki

"Your wind forecasts are spot on. Even on the big lakes and extended forecasts!" — Chad

"Best weather app hands down for professional seafarers. My favorite feature: swell energy! Wish you had a swell energy map on your WindHub app!" — Peter

"The truth is that it is a great help to plan a safe exit to the sea." — Emilio

"Congratulations! Excellent app, I keep checking it out before I go kayaking." — SKiufo

"Congratulations on a fabulous platform. I use it daily to plan my kayaking trips. First-class." — Nigel McCree

"Congratulations to team! Most thorough and well-designed wind/weather app." — Akim

"Great app! Very user friendly on a smartphone and just the right amount of information presented to make the right call. I use it for fishing and surfing." — Jono

"Congratulations on this recognition. Your app is very easy to use and what helps very much, is the message function." — Carel Talsma

"I’ve had a thing for the weather for the past 60 years. Windy brings it all together. I think I can stop looking for the best app." — Eddie

"I use the app for sailing, and used it all on the market, and must say this one is simply the best. Loads of options and different predictions in a very beautiful layout. Keep the good work coming. 5 stars! Maybe an option where you can set your preferences to navigate and get messages and visible in the app when it’s a good day for you". — Steve Vercnocke

"Thank you for developing such a great and most important USEFUL APP. Should have to be installed by a defect in all devices." — Alberto

"Congratulations and thank you for creating a reliable, beautifully presented, and customizable app. I rely on it every day and happy to be a pro user since the beginning!" — James

"Well done you. Still learning about your site but I’m impressed". — Peter

"Best weather app by a comfortable margin." — Philip Montgomery

"Thanks for creating this app. I notice it very useful and I am using it often." — Alan Priza Pepano

"I like everything about this application. Thanks." — James

"Top. Very useful." — Guest

"You guys have a great app! The award is absolutely deserved. I wish you further development and prosperity!" — Dmitry

"Thank you for my session saver app! You rock!" — Anda

"Thank you for everything you have done so far! I know you will continue to strive for even better. Congratulations on this great recognition. A hug from Uruguay." — Casca

"Thank you for being my daily companion!" — Bahne

"Congratulations. Love Windy app. Don’t start the day without looking at it!" — Rafa Brazil

"I've shared this app with confidence!" — Guest

"Very good and recommended, it comes in handy for planning flights with the drone." — Luis

"I followed you for since long time and introduced you to a lot of friends. You changed my fishing habits and enhanced my boat security in an exposed marina." — Wahib Nini

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