Public Offer for Content Creators

Public Offer for Content Creators


— Hey fellow outdoor enthusiast! Let's work together for the better of our creation and outdoor community in your region! is a professional weather application for windsports and outdoors: sailing, surfing, kayaking, fishing, paragliding, cycling. It helps you to be an expert in weather forecasts to have better experience in outdoors.

Quick Facts

  • 11 m users in the app from all over the world.
  • 1000s of thematic spots.
  • 90.000 people reviewed us 4,5* in App Store and Google Play.
  • $0 for free version with many basic features, and a Pro version with more useful tools, for example, real-time wind data from weather stations near to you.
  • 15 languages available.

Learn more about in numbers

What You Can Get

1. Make free, great, thematic content on weather forecasting for your audience using information from the


Simply take info from the 200+ posts in our blog and tell your audience interesting and useful information about weather forecasting and outdoors.


Simply copy and paste a post from our blog to your blog, social networks, or newsletter with an active link to the original post.



Simply tell about weather forecasting and outdoors in your podcast in the way you like.

If you don’t like any of our posts, we could prepare information specialy for you and your audience.

2. Show sponsorship active link to your account in any social network or any page of your website under the thematic spot's name in the app.

Then all users on the spot get all features of the Pro thanks to you, even if they do not use the Pro version.


Why be the sponsor? To let many people know about you as a content creator. For example, there are 467.000 people added Tarifa kitesurfing spot in Spain as their favorite. There are 7.500 people in the chat of this spot.

3. Tell about you in our media channels in a monthly selection of the best content creator in the sport and/or the region.

We have:

  • The app — 11 m users and 1 m MAU (monthly active users).
  • Community section in the app — everyday users shares their photos and posts.
  • Chats in the app — from hundreds to thousands of people in each chat. 
  • A website with a blog — 100—500k monthly visitors.
  • Social networksFacebook, Instagram, Twitter — 90k followers combined.
  • Newsletter with free meteorological lessons, best articles, and special offers from your companies — 100k monthly readers.

4. Post in our Community section in the app and in the Chat of the spot.

There you can give you a name, logo, address, website — everything is super easy to find:


And if you have other ideas of what you may want to get from, please don’t hesitate to ask and offer!

What We May Ask

1. Make an interesting and useful to your audience video or text/photo review of the in your blog or a website.

Here are a few ideas (topics) of such a review:

  • How do specific features of the app help you to better forecasts weather to have better experience in outdoors
  • How did you find a great spot in the app
  • How do you understand weather phenomena better with textbook "Meteorology in Simple Words"
  • How do you like the app in general with information about it

Example of a short review in Washington Post.

Don't like an idea of making a review? Simply mention in your video or a post. It is not advertising but useful content to your audience. Because is really useful app. 


2. Give your audience personal promo codes for 1 month Pro with 20+ great features in addition to great content you will make with

No need to enter bank card, after 30 days app will automatically return to basic.

Activation page:

3. Add one of our beautiful weather widgets on the main page of your blog: Forecast, History, or Wind Map.

To add widget is simple and fast: you just copy code and add it on the page.

4. Make a guest text, photo, or a video post on our blog or YouTube with some useful information on places to go, people's personal experience, etc.

We appreciate reviews on your favorite places for traveling or doing sport, stories about your journeys/cruise, articles about kitesurfing, surfing, sailing, diving.

Just submit a post, and we will mention your company.


And if you have other ideas of what you may want to give to, please don’t hesitate to ask and offer!


The person with whom you communicate in Don't remember a name? Write to [email protected].


Start using for free for iOS and Android, read Guide to the app, give feedback in the App Store and Google Play.

Cover photo © Kon Karampelas / Unsplash


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